• 0230-0-0431 - 0261/32-500, ABB

Suitable for telephone connection unit cover plates 2539-21x and 1766-xxx. To link high-definition digital audio and video data from e.g. SAT-receiver, DVD-/Blue-Ray-player to plasma-type, LCD- or-LED-TVs/screens. HDMI-type A, 3D-compatible. Fully HD ready (1920 x 1080 pixel). For 20-wire HDMI-cables via srew-type terminals. For trunk systems, flush-mounted wall boxes and underfloor systems. For easy installation and to follow the valid bending radii the "Kaiser- electronic-wall-box" type 1068-02 or 9062-74 is recommended. Without cover plate. Without claws.

0230-0-0431 - 0261/32-500, ABB

  • Product Code: 0230-0-0431
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